BLOG POST: Staying Calm with Divine Love

Image by Shahariar Lenin from Pixabay 



I’d like to share a story of what happened to me this week, in order to support you to feel more calm and relaxed when stressful situations come up. More specifically, to help you feel Divine Love. 


It’s a story about a fire in my tracks.

About the police who pulled me off the road.

And about how all of this possibly saved my life. 


So the story goes like this: 


Yesterday I left my house to take a child for a health checkup about a half an hour from my house. The checkup was scheduled for 9:30 and it was 8:50. Plenty of time. 


I wondered if I should fill up my tires. Naah. I do that too often, I thought. I don’t really need to. But wait a minute, actually, my tires have felt strange the past two days. Something in the alignment, maybe…? But I have a test coming up in two months, so we’ll check it then. For now it will be okay… 


As usual, on drives more than five minutes from my house, I began my blessings. I bless the drive, I bless the car, I bless the gas, I bless the tires, I bless the passengers, I bless the road, I bless the other drivers…


Ten minutes into the drive, we slowed down to a halt. A police car was blocking the road. Confused, I looked to the left. In the distance I saw smoke. Another summer fire engulfed the dry terrain. The police directed us to turn around and go back. 


I turned on my wise Waze for new directions to the medical center. Now it would take forty-four minutes. Ugh. The appointment was at 9:30 and it was already nine. We would be late. That made me a little anxious. 


So there we were, driving in a new direction, and I tell you -- I’m not an explorer type. I like to know where I’m going before I leave my house. I like to plan trips the day before. I like to rely on printed directions even if I have Waze turned on. In fact, I like to already have been there before! No matter how much I have evolved in my journey to have faith and trust in the process of life, it hasn’t yet included driving to new places.


The stress of the unknown -- in addition to the anxiety of being late -- started creeping into my nervous system. So I knew what to do. I started taking slow, deep breaths. I remembered that everything happens for a reason, that the Divine is with me, that we WOULD arrive in peace. 


At 9:25 we turn onto Route 89. The friendly woman on Waze chimed, “Police up ahead”. No worries, I thought. I haven’t broken the law. At least I don’t think so. Besides, I see a car pulled over already...


Then a policeman points to my car and waves me over to the side. What? I pull up behind the other car. This is strange. I am one out of maybe a hundred cars getting stopped!


“License and registration.”


I feel like I’m in a movie. It doesn’t seem real. So it’s a good thing I’ve already done my breathing exercises. I fumble for my license and pull out last year’s registration. After a couple of tries I find the current one. He takes them as I reach for my phone to call the medical center to tell them we were running late. First the fire, then the police! The phone rings and the operator answers: “Hello? Hello?”


I can’t answer the operator because now another man, dressed in a light blue uniform, begins directing me to turn on the headlights, the high beams, left signal, right signal. Then he directs me to turn the wheel to the left, then to the right. He checks the front tires, the back tires. 


After this automative obstacle course, the blue man returns to my window. “Your front two tires need to be changed this week,” he says. “You can still drive now but make sure to get those tires changed.” The tires!


I thank him and finish the checking process. They give me a bumper sticker that reads, “I was checked.” I take a few moments to make that phone call to the medical center to let them know I’d be arriving late. 


Wow, I thought, as we drove away. I looked at the clock. Exactly 9:30. As if to say, “your appointment to be checked was indeed at 9:30 today.”


I must tell you -- I felt so connected to Divine Love. While I usually listen to my intuition, this time regarding having the tires checked, I did not. I realized that the police check helped me to avoid a pending sudden blowout and losing control of my car. So the Divine stepped in to save me and my car -- and other people -- from disaster.  


The message to “change your front tires this week” was very humbling and helped me see the Divine hand in my life, once I looked at the big picture from a calm place. 


A fire… the police… all in place helping me stay safe. 


So, back to the message of this post. When stressful situations come up, look for the lesson. Look at the bigger picture from a calm place. Know that the Divine is in control. Remember that everything happens for a reason and that you are loved by Divine Love. 


From this place, you can handle any stressful situation. And as always, feel free to reach out if you would like more support to feel more calm and relaxed in your everyday life.