BLOG POST: Overwhelm isn't the REAL problem -- here's what is


Ever have one of those days when you didn't sleep well the night before, and you're trying to make lunches at 6:30am for the kids, trying to find a clean space on the sticky kitchen counter among all the stuff that a family member left out the night before, while the clock is ticking for the bus to arrive, and your teen is freaking out that she can't find her headphones?

Nah, that wasn't me.

Just kidding, it was.

And one of the lunches was sushi. (Don't ask.)

Lucky for me, my days begin much calmer now, with quiet time for myself, connection with my family, and a long walk in the fresh air.

And for many high-achieving women, overwhelm is part of the fabric of everyday life, like it used to be for me.

It feels like you're taking on too much,

With everything on your plate at any one time,

Like there's never enough time to do everything, and you should be doing something else.

When everyone needs you all the time,

Oh, and that one more thing that they want you to do...

And that's not all.

At the end of the day, you think about all the things you have left to do...

And maybe feel disappointed or even guilty for not getting it all done.

Between the family's needs and your work, you feel tired and sluggish.

Wish you could just clone yourself?


Here's the thing.

The REAL problem ISN'T that there's too much to do.

And it ISN'T that you are overwhelmed.

I see it like this:

"Too much to do" is a situation. It's neutral. It's what the Divine sent your way.

Feeling overwhelmed is a REACTION triggered from your thought. Like a let-down reflex. The feeling feeds the thought like the milk feeds the baby. Then there's another thought, and more feeling...

So the REAL problem: your THOUGHTS.

Now the first thought is a freebie -- we can't control that. But every thought that follows is your CHOICE.

Studies have shown we have between 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day.

That's a LOT of negative thinking. Thousands of negative thoughts firing through your brain all day long.

No wonder you're exhausted.

The solution:

To realize that the Divine created this energy in our human system for a reason.

So that you could CHOOSE your thoughts.

You have this power.

By choosing positive thoughts, you create a direct line with the Divine for a life of Good Orderly Direction.

I'm not saying this is easy. It's not. We carry generations of negative thought patterns in our DNA. Almost since the beginning of time. And each thought creates a feeling...such as overwhelm...

Like I said, the Divine created us this way,

With patterns of negative thinking embedded in your DNA that you inherited from generations too many to count.


We are fortunate that by reversing the pattern of negative thinking, you can feel calm, open, expansive and free...

Instead of overwhelmed.

I've actually created a divinely-guided coaching and healing system to help ambitious, high-achieving women reverse the patterns of negative thinking, and the feelings that follow, even after decades...

So that they can feel calm, open, expansive and free.

Here's a quick self-check:

If you are struggling with stress and overwhelm on a regular basis, even though you may have tried self-help books, yoga and meditation, trainings and workshops...

Don't make the mistake of using your power of CHOICE to go down the negative-thought-rabbit-hole.

There's work to be done here.

And if you want support and guidance in this area, as we roll into the new year, you can choose to have that too. I would be honored to help you become more of you are are truly meant to be in 2021.  Reach out to me at to have a conversation.