BLOG POST: How to Turn Exhaustion into a Spiritual Experience



Exhaustion used to be my middle name.


I was so caught up in overdrive and pushing myself that I burned out and had to learn how to live my life all over again.


Once I learned how to relate to myself and my emotions in a healthy way, and appreciate myself for all of my efforts, I began to turn my experience into a more spiritual one.


As a result, I began to feel more joy in my life. Daily chores took on new meaning. I felt more connected to myself, the Divine and to others as I watched all aspects of my life improve for the better: relationships, health, and finances. A more abundant life was the natural effect of making more space for myself and my emotions.  


Today I’m here to support you in turning your exhaustion into a spiritual experience.


If you are stuck in a pattern of overdrive that leads you to exhaustion, The good news is that you can start where you are. You can transform your experience by meeting yourself here with compassion. In doing so, you can turn exhaustion into a G-dly experience.


  1. Make space for your feelings. When you are exhausted, your body, mind, heart and soul feel like they are closing down. You feel constricted and agitated. You can't make space for others because there isn't space for you anymore. To make space for you and your feelings, notice where in your body you feel constricted, and breathe into those places. The Divine created that breath and is present there right now. So let the breathe move where it needs to go. And allow this Divine breathe to help you open up and expand into spaciousness as allow yourself to feel these feelings without judgment.

  2. Be present in compassion for yourself.  As you breathe and take this important time to be present, have self-compassion and unconditional love for yourself. Realize that you are already enough. You don't have to do anything else but be here right now with yourself. If it is difficult to feel self-compassion or unconditional love for yourself, try placing your hands over your heart. You can even try visualizing being cuddled by a warm blanket or being embraced by a loved one. 

  3. Appreciate yourself for the reasons why you are exhausted.  Acknowledge all the efforts you put into being a (woman, mom, wife, working person, business owner, etc.) on a daily basis. Appreciate everything you have done -- the energy you put out, the actions you take, the help you give, and the care you show -- that has caused the exhaustion. Recognize how you enhance everyone and everything in your life, work and family -- instead of beating yourself up by saying that you haven’t done enough, that you can’t “get it together,” or don’t have good time management, and so on. Now is the time to appreciate yourself for being who you are and for doing everything you do.

When you relate to your exhaustion in this way, you will start to create a more spiritual experience for yourself.

It will have ripple effects!

Remember: you are unique and irreplaceable. So please be kind to yourself!


Wishing you much love, many blessings, and above all… it’s all good.


xoxo DG