BLOG POST: The Key to Clarity


Ever try getting clarity on something... but you just keep going in circles, spinning your wheels, getting more and more confused?

Or have you ever gotten clarity about something but then didn't follow through because of self-doubt? 

Want to know what the missing piece is? Read on...

Let's talk about the key to getting clarity and then honoring the clarity you have and the choices you make.  

Many people make the mistake of thinking that getting clarity is a matter of using your mental abilities, tapping into the frontal cortex of the brain and retrieving answers. Or analyzing things to death -- which gets you into analysis paralysis. This can be draining and downright exhausting. And if you’re already exhausted from lack of sleep, it gets even harder to make decisions and follow through to make it happen. 

Yes, go ahead and use your divinely-given intelligence. But don't stop there. You must also access your inner guidance. And then honor it.

There are many reasons why some of us don't use our inner guidance and intuition. As divine beings in human form, we all have this ability. As children we had it readily available but then over time we grow further away from this innate ability.

Maybe you're afraid of what others think. Or maybe you have a habit of pushing yourself all the time and don’t take the time to slow down and listen to yourself. Lack of sleep, stress, pleasing others and self-doubt are only a few examples.

I'm guessing that what you to feel instead is ease, support and connection. And not add to the stress you may already have.

What if you knew deeply that the answers already lie within you? Imagine that you could tap into your intuition and retrieve the solutions you are looking for. And then follow through with confidence so you're not feeling resentful later...

Let me tell you a story.

There was one woman, I’ll call her Jane, who was always stressed and pushed herself. She liked to feel in control, but at the same time, she sometimes needed to please others. And she also hated to miss out on opportunities. As a mother, Jane longed for the good ol' times of her youth when she was in charge of her time and could do what she wanted, when she wanted.

Jane actually had no problem accessing her intution. It was so natural to her that I had to explain to her what she was already doing. In fact, she was so intuitive that sometimes she would change her plans in order to accommodate her intuitive feelings. For example, if she felt that she was going to get sick, she would take a day off to recover before it would lead to a week home with the flu. So sometimes she was able to honor her inner guidance. Her challenge, though, was the self-doubt that would sometimes creep in, causing her to stop listening to herself. 

So what made the difference for her, whether she would honor her intuition or not? Fear of disappointing herself and others.

Like the time when she thought her daughter would not be able to get through the entire day at day care. On the one hand, this is what her intuition told her: Your daughter is not feeling well and will have a meltdown at day care. Yet there were competing voices: Don't miss out on work! Don't disappoint your boss! Don't stay home -- it's so boring!

So she went all the way to work hoping things would work out. And not even an hour later, Jane received a phone call to come pick up her daughter.

Of course in hindsight Jane wished she had stayed home. Travelling to work and back ended up more stressful than had she stayed home. So Jane was frustrated for not listening to herself, and also frustrated that her plans got changed. 

So I walked Jane through a visualization where she was able to connect with herself and her intuition. In this place, she let go of self-doubt. Then she was filled with a sense of confidence. She felt herself letting go of having to be in control. This helped her get into a state of acceptance. And finally, Jane felt relief from the ongoing sense that she missed out on opportunities and discovered ways to create new ones that were equally as fulfilling.

From the work we did, Jane gained a new sense of clarity about her innate gift. Best of all, she felt a renewed commitment to listen to herself, honor her intuition, and take any necessary action.

So, what was the key to Jane's getting clarity? Connection. Understanding her innate gift of intuitive guidance, and feeling connected to it. Now she knows for the future how to not only access her intuition but also follow through with the decisions made from the clarity revealed there. 

When you connect to yourself more deeply, accessing your inner guidance becomes as easy as clicking a hyper-link and arriving at a new webpage. What's revealed on that page is either your next step of action, or the mindset needed to take that step. When you connect to yourself, you gain the confidence to follow the messages you are hearing, you begin to trust more so you can give up control, and you enter into a state of grace and acceptance. 

I am devoted to helping more and more women get connected and access their inner guidance so they can overcome stress and overwhelm, and even avoid the burnour that comes from not honoring what your mind and body are telling you.