BLOG POST: Are You Stressed and Overwhelmed? The Secret to Moving Forward is Simpler Than You Think


Have you ever felt scattered and confused, unable to take action?


A mindfulness coach came to a session with me feeling scattered, stressed and overwhelmed with different business ideas. He wanted to move ahead in his marketing but was not able to decide how to go about it. Because of this confusion he could not take appropriate action. And as a result, he was frustrated about not getting results. 


When you’re stressed and overwhelmed as an entrepreneur, it’s often from having too many options and choices, too many things to do, too many directions to go in. Varying forces vying for your attention can pull you away from your center. 


When this happens, you lose confidence because you don’t know what to do first. You forget to prioritize. And you feel like you’re not capable. This can lead to procrastination and then even more frustration or the shame of feeling like a failure.


Which is ironic if you think about it, because you are talented and capable, and everything BUT a failure. Of course you know how to prioritize. But it’s hard to move forward when you’re stuck in the emotions of stress and overwhelm. 


One solution for this common problem of being pulled in too many directions is to choose one thing to start with and break it down into bite-sized pieces. But again, it’s hard to remember to do this when you’re in the middle of stress and overwhelm. That’s where I come in.  


Here’s what happened with my client. (Remember, he’s an expert in mindfulness. And as I always say, every coach needs a coach.) 


In our session, I led him through an exercise. First he physically experienced a release of stress and tension. Then he got a clear message what to focus on next. He understood deeply that taking it step by step was the right way to go. He felt very centered after the session and realized that he can recreate that state of clarity, calm and power whenever he needs to in order to live from a more empowered place in both life and business. He learned that it’s possible to manifest his ideas into action, one step at a time in a calm way, rather than with confusion and overwhelm. 


So in this session my client shifted his energy, and because of this shift, he gained a new perspective. Even better, a month later he reported on a continued feeling of confidence and empowerment from that one session. He was able to continue the momentum because he was able to recreate and embody the energy he felt in our session.


My client knew intuitively what to do. I didn’t have to tell him. If I had told him what to do, I would be playing the role of a consultant and not a coach. And as a coach one of my biggest gifts is helping my clients access their inner wisdom so they can use that instinctive compass to guide them out of stress and overwhelm. Over time and with practice, they develop this skill on their own and can call upon it whenever they need to. Some clients, like the mindfulness coach, can embody this shift immediately and carry that with them into their life. 


I encourage you to learn how to shift your energy and access your intuition to guide your next steps. Over time and with practice, you will find yourself moving forward more and more quickly, once and for all!